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The Ultimate IPA Gift Set | 6-Pack

The Ultimate IPA Gift Set | 6-Pack

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Stock your fridge with the Ultimate IPAs! This Gift Set contains 6 must-have cans from some of the hottest non-alcoholic breweries around.

While there are many NA beers on the market, not all of them are created equal. When it comes to brewed perfection, NA IPAs are in a class of their own.

So, what makes a great NA IPA? For starters, it should have all the flavor and aromatics of a traditional IPA, without the alcohol. That means a complex hop profile, with notes of citrus, pine and floral. The body should be light and crisp, with a moderately bitter finish.

When it comes to taste, NA IPAs are surprisingly delicious – and incredibly refreshing.

If you’re looking for to try Non-alcoholic IPA beer that have all the flavor of an IPA, without the alcohol content, then this Ultimate IPA Gift Set is the choice. 

Set will include a variety of the following:
- Flying Dog Deep Fake IPA
- Gruvi IPA
- Wellbeing Intentional IPA
- Lagunitas IPNA
- Athletic Run Wild IPA
- Athletic Run Free Wave Hazy IPA

*We will make every effort to ensure all cans are different


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