Getting Started With Mindful Drinking

Getting Started With Mindful Drinking

A closer look at mindful drinking

Has anyone else noticed how much we drink when we get together? It’s what we tend to do when we socialize, especially recently since we’ve spent so much time apart. We are ready to celebrate and what better way to do that than with drinks! Most of our activities are usually centered around food and drinks and it’s hard to imagine socializing without a cocktail in hand. So where does that leave those of us who rather not have those side effects that comes with drinking alcohol? We want to celebrate too but it’s not quite the same toasting with a  soda. Lucky for us there’s been a movement going on that has introduced mindful drinking and non-alcoholic beverages.

Driven mostly by health and wellness goals more people have started to evaluate their drinking and not indulging as much. The good news is stepping back from alcohol doesn’t mean not socializing or missing out. Even better news is the increase in the variety of non-alcoholic beverages now available in the market. Some new terms have also started to surface like “mindful drinking,” “soda free,” and “sober curious” all becoming more and more mainstream.

If you’ve come across these new trends or terms before and you simply couldn’t understand what was going, don’t worry and be curious no more. Here, we’ll briefly take you through some of the things you need to know about mindful drinking, what it really means, and how you can get started.

Grab your favorite beverage and lets chat 😊

Whether you’re looking to simply understand what mindful drinking means or you want to become a mindful drinker, it simply means that you want to pay more attention to your alcohol consumption. In a nutshell, it's thinking about drinking.

Think about the impact of alcohol in all areas of your life. Do you get quality sleep? How do you feel after a night of drinking? What triggers you to drink? Are there certain situations that make you want to drink more versus others?

Mindful drinking isn’t about quitting alcohol entirely and forever, but it’s an idea that is meant to help you get to a point where you make thoughtful decisions about when and how much to consume. 

Becoming a mindful drinker begins with taking your time to evaluate your drinking habit and how it fits into your lifestyle. It’s about improving your relationship with alcohol and taking care of your individual needs as well. That said, you can then maximize the joy that comes with drinking alcohol while reducing some of the not-so-great side effects, such as regrets, hangovers, and anxiety. 

Looking to explore mindful drinking? Here are some tips to get you started:

Understanding the “why” behind your drinking

If you really want to explore mindful drinking, you need to think about why you’re drinking in the first place. Are you drinking because you like the way alcohol tastes, you like that “buzz” feeling you get, or is it easier to have the drink than answer all the questions about why you're not drinking alcohol? Whatever your reasons are for drinking alcohol, it’s now easier than ever to do less of it without giving up any of those good feelings and still feel included, all by practicing mindfulness. Mindful drinking means you’re paying attention to your alcohol consumption and making choices based on the moment and how you want to feel during and after that drink. As you consider the idea of mindful drinking keep in mind that you’re not giving anything up but rather you are enhancing your experience. Even better is the concept that you don’t have to get drunk and feel terrible the next day to enjoy alcohol and socialize.

Start with a plan that includes less alcohol

Alcohol-free distractions like going for a run or walk, eating a healthy snack, or even calling a friend can help you start engaging in activities that don’t necessarily require alcohol. Another way to start having fun with your new interest in mindful drinking is to learn about the options that you have when it comes to non-alcoholic beverages. Host a night in and try a few mocktail recipes of your favorite alcoholic drink, or sip on some non-alcoholic wine while catching up on your favorite shows.

Discover what works for you and create a checklist that you can turn to that might help redirect some of those alcohol cravings. You might also discover something new you enjoy.

Drink mindfully

When you do drink alcohol, practice the habit of appreciating every sip. As you savor the moment while drinking you’re less likely to constantly open that bottle. Another good way to get started is to swap a non-alcoholic drink in between your regular alcoholic beverage, that way you can pace yourself and extend the fun.

We all know that changing habits is not always easy and being successful means taking small steps in the right direction, at The Mindful Drinking Co we are here to help along the way as you start to think differently about your alcohol consumption. With a little bit of determination and focus, you’ll soon start to see the habit of mindful drinking gets easier.

Cheers to mindful drinking!