Behind The Mindful Drinking Co.

Hi, we’re Marisol and Arleni and welcome to The Mindful Drinking Co., an online experience we’ve created to give consumers better options for non-alcoholic beverages as they try to be mindful drinkers without having to stop enjoying themselves altogether! Many people are trying to reduce the amount of alcohol they drink, recognizing the lasting effects it may have on our health, and seeking alternatives. Our goal is to empower you with good choices and provide you with a community where you can learn to be a mindful drinker. We want to ensure that you enjoy social occasions and feel comfortable in any setting regardless of what’s in your glass. The good news is that we have curated a section of non-alcoholic wine, beer, spirits, ready to drink and mixers that allow you to participate without having to make any sacrifices on flavor or experience.

Aside from bringing you the very best products to choose from, we want to make this a community where you can learn and discover mindful drinking. We will have recipes, guides, and content to help you make good choices, all while enjoying a new favorite cocktail!

Marisol & Arleni

Peace of mind

Drinking alcohol isn't always fun. Alcohol intoxicates you and increases the risk of injury and accidents. Over time, it will also affect your mental and physical health.

Instead, drinking non-alcoholic beverages can reduce your risk of health problems, as they are full of vitamins and minerals, including potassium, iron and zinc. What are you waiting for? Prioritize your health now!

Rehydrates the body

A major disadvantage of alcohol is that it has a diuretic effect, leaving you feeling dehydrated.

It's proven that beverages with 2% alcohol or less don't increase urine output. They also don’t have any effect on blood-volume levels after exercise. Moral of the story: non-alcoholic beverages benefit your fluid balance and support the rehydration process.

Reduces anxiety/stress

Along with promoting better sleep, researchers have found that consuming alcohol-free beverages reduces feelings of anxiety and stress.

Ditch the side effects of alcohol that can cause anxiety and keep your mind healthy and happy.