Happy Earth Day & Cheers To The NA Brands Doing Good!

Happy Earth Day & Cheers To The NA Brands Doing Good!

Earth Day is a global movement to celebrate the environment and to educate the public on the need to take action to protect it. This year, on April 22nd, we will celebrate the 21st anniversary of Earth Day with a Global Day of Action. This year, we will celebrate the importance of the environment by highlighting brands that are taking action to protect the environment. We will also feature tips for how consumers can take action to protect the environment in their own lives.

Earth day is celebrated every year on April 22 to celebrate the environmental achievements of the past year and to focus on the environmental work that remains to be done. This year, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate some of the brands that have demonstrated their commitment to the environment. There are so many brands out there that care about the environment and are committed to protecting it for future generations. This is a great reminder that there are so many ways to be environmentally friendly, not just make environmental decisions in the moment, but also to be environmentally conscious in the long term with the brands that you support.

Earth day is a global event that was created in 1970 to help raise awareness about environmental issues. It’s a day to celebrate the environment and the people and companies that care about it. Earth day, also known as Global Earth Day, is a day set aside to focus on the health of our planet. It’s a day to take action to protect the environment and improve sustainability. It’s a day to celebrate the importance of the environment and the work that is being done to care for it. It’s a day to be mindful of our consumption and the impact it has on the environment and the world around us.

Check out what some of the brands in the non-alcoholic space are doing to support and protect the environment.

New London Light

1% of NLL sales goes to support kelp reforestation that promotes healthy seas and sequesters carbon.

Bax Botanics

Bax Botanics uses organic and ethically sourced herbs and botanicals: wherever possible using recycled and recyclable packaging – even their bottle labels are printed on material that is a by-product from the sugar industry.

Noughty Wines

Thomson & Scott partners with Treepoints to offset the carbon footprint of every purchase, supporting a more sustainable future for our planet.

For Bitter For Worse

Made only with natural ingredient, contain no added flavors—“natural” or otherwise—and they’re low glycemic and low carb, sweetened with pure monk fruit, wine grape nectar, or maple syrup. 

Athletic Brewing

For every product purchased, Athletic Brewing Co. donates 2% of sales to protecting and restoring local trails.

Thank you to all these brands and the many more for what they do! Here are some quick tips to help you take action and do your part.

Quick tips to help support the environment:

  • Shop wisely
  • Reduce, re-use, and recycle
  • Choose sustainable
  • Bike more, drive less
  • Educate, understand the value of our natural resources

Remember even your smallest actions can have a big impact, we only have one planet let’s take care of her. Cheers!