How To Have A Sober Spring Break

How To Have A Sober Spring Break

Booze-Free Spring Break

Spring break season is upon us, and that means vacation, hanging out with friends, or simply taking a much-needed break from everyday life. Spring break has often been synonymous with drinking alcohol; however, it doesn't have to be that way especially if the goal is to come back refreshed and re-energized. Drinking too much alcohol on spring break can often lead to negative consequences, such as a hangovers, feeling sick, or even getting into worse trouble. However, there are also many positive outcomes of spring break, such as having a good time with friends and taking the time to step back and reset. So how do you go on spring break and lay off the alcohol? Let’s keep it simple, with these few easy tips  and you’re sure to have a great time on your break with little to no alcohol. Best of all you’ll feel refreshed and re-energized when you come back from your time off.

The thought of an alcohol-free vacation or time off can sound a bit boring and even daunting and brings with it a myriad of questions. If I’m not drinking alcohol, what will I do? What will other people think of me if I don’t drink alcohol? How will I have fun? Will I feel left out? So many questions! First, you’re not alone. The sober curious movement has been changing how we think about our relationship with alcohol and has made many people question why they drink and to consider taking a step back from alcohol, making the idea of mindful drinking more acceptable.

Taking a break from alcohol or even small breaks is not as easy as it sounds but with some preparation and tips, you got this! One of the best ways to stay sober while on break is to get yourself in the right mindset, know that you’re taking a break from alcohol for good reasons, focus on having fun, relaxing, and be prepared to make some new discoveries about yourself along the way. Let’s consider some ways to make this concept easier for you to incorporate in your upcoming plans and make spring break a memorable one.

Be prepared:

One of the best ways to be successful at mindful drinking is to have a plan. Make sure you know where you’re going and what kind of activities you’ll be participating in so you can plan ahead. If you’ll be away or dining out often you can preview menus and see what kind of drink options are available so you can plan ahead what you’ll be having. If you can bring your own beverages take a look at the non-alcoholic beverage varieties currently available, stock up, and bring your own! If you need any recommendations check out the collection at you’re bound to discover something new and delicious.


Use your spring break as a time to focus on spending time with your friends and family or simply to relax. The goal is to focus on making the most of your time off instead of how much alcohol you’re not drinking. Laying off the alcohol doesn't mean that you can't have a good time and enjoy yourself, it's about choosing a different way to have fun. There are many ways to incorporate a little fun into your spring break routine without alcohol, from going out to dinner and a movie to playing board games at home, you might even find a new activity that you enjoy.

Stay mindful:

Being aware of how you feel while not drinking alcohol is key to ensuring that you are successful this time and going forward. Pay attention. Mindful drinking is about thinking while you are drinking, considering the choices you are making and how they make you feel. If you’re not ready to just give it all up, the key to making good choices is to keep the amount of alcohol to a minimum and make sure it's quality over quantity. Chances are that not drinking as much alcohol while on spring break will allow you to be more present in the moment, get good quality sleep, and have you feeling refreshed, and ready to do more of whatever it is you’re doing.

Have fun:

The hardest part is getting started but once you’ve made the choice to be more mindful about drinking alcohol it gets easier, and you’ll start to see positive benefits both physically and mentally. One of the best ways to ease your way into mindful drinking is exploring nonalcoholic cocktails, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how close these beverages taste like the real thing with none of the side effects. And if you’ve never really been into alcohol but feel left out when the partying begins pick up one of these alcohol alternatives, no one will even notice the difference and you’ll also get to sip on a sophisticated beverage with none of the side effects 😉

We hope you enjoy your spring break, cheers!