Mindful drinking non-alcoholic beverages

Introducing Mindful Drinking

The Non-Alcoholic Movement

Undoubtedly, drinking alcohol has come a long way, forming an essential part of our social life. Drinking is everywhere, it helps us socialize, decompress, and cope with the stress usually encountered in our day-to-day activities. However, after a season of mulled wine and other cheering activities with family and friends, many of us would welcome the chance to try a “sober curious” lifestyle.

As people become more interested in wellness and a desire for a healthier lifestyle the idea of mindful drinking or becoming fully sober has given rise to the non-alcoholic movement, a category that has been rapidly growing over the last few years. Mindful drinking doesn’t mean no drinking, it means being more aware of your choices and allows you the opportunity to stay present when socializing, so you not only enjoy those social interactions but also remember all those great conversations 😉 

It’s not easy to walk into a social scene with friends and only have soda or fruit juice to choose from, with all the non-alcoholic options now available everyone can and should feel included. There are tons of non-alcoholic beverages out there and it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start, which is why we are featuring several trusted brands on our site.

Whether you are exploring mindful drinking or are sober curious, the Mindful Drinking Company has everything you need to help you get started. Learn more about the different categories of non-alcoholic beverages and try something new!

Non-alcoholic wines

Who says a fine wine needs to have alcohol? Non-alcoholic wine is wine that has been dealcoholized – a process of removing the alcohol content of wines while retaining their original flavor. Essentially, its wine made in a very similar way as regular wine but without the alcohol.

Sure, it can be challenging to spot the ideal non-alcoholic wine with all the options available. That’s why we’ve rounded up the top non-alcoholic wines, varieties include white, red, sparkling, and rose wines. Some of the key benefits of non-alcoholic wines is it tastes like regular wine without the side effects of hangovers, and can lead to better sleep, may improve blood pressure, and reduce risk of inflammation and cardiovascular conditions. Sounds like a no brainer. If you’re ready to start exploring visit us at www.themindfuldrinking.com

Non-alcoholic spirits

Non-alcoholic spirits have also made a big splash in the non-alcoholic market driven by health-conscious consumers looking for ways to spruce up their drink options without the side effects of alcohol. The term ‘non-alcoholic spirit' covers the distilled botanicals that were filtered twice to eliminate the alcoholic content through the process of evaporation. It’s all your favorites like gin, whisky, bourbon, tequila, rum, and more. These non-alcoholic spirits allow you to have your favorite beverages without the alcohol and no compromise on flavor or taste.

As more and more brands continue to set the stage, The Mindful Drinking Company has rounded up some of the most popular brands in these categories, step into our store and discover some of our favorites.

Non-alcoholic beers

Now let’s talk non-alcoholic beers, which usually accompany many of our favorite pastimes. Whether you are participating in a sporting event, enjoying some much needed beach time, or relaxing on the couch, an ice-cold non-alcoholic beer is a perfect way to hit the spot. Did you know that these beers are produced with less calories than alcoholic versions? Did you also know that they are filled with several anti-inflammatory properties?

Not convinced yet? Well, there’s more, not only do non-alcoholic beers have key health benefits, but they also taste great. Like most non-alcoholic beverages they are produced to suit a modern, healthy, and active adult, especially those looking to cut back on their alcohol intake. If you’re interested in finding new ways to be a mindful drinker visit our non-alcoholic beer section and you might find a new favorite.  

Whether you’re looking to make mindful choices when it comes to drinking or you’re just curious about this new movement visit us at the Mindful Drinking Company where you can explore and maybe even find a new favorite drink to enjoy. If at any point you get stuck, reach out, we always have recommendations. Another great way to start exploring is to check out our ready-to-drink section and mixers, perfect for someone who’s not ready to jump all in yet.

Cheers to mindful drinking!