Lyre’s Dark N' Spicy

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This impeccably paired combination of Lyre's Spiced Cane, Lyre's Dark Cane, ginger and lime zest is a non-alcoholic homage to the iconic mix. A crafted blend of classic flavors, evoking notes of ginger, lime, toffee & spice. Libations! 

Bouquet: Appealing aromas of younger ginger, ginger beer and lime zest compliment the combination of Lyre's Dark Cane & Spiced Cane Non-alcoholic Spirits effortlessly. The complexity of the nose is then more apparent with further notes of toffee and spiced dark fruits.

To Taste: The aromatic & slightly spiced ginger beer combines with lime zest freshness and the richness of Lyre's Dark Cane to deliver a refreshing and full-flavored Dark & Spicy that's RTD. A burst of ginger spice continues through to the end of the palate where the richness of the Lyre's Dark Cane again contributes to the long finish, cloudy in color. 

How To Enjoy: This rather tasty tipple is ready to sip, simply chill & cin-cin! For a more decadent drop, decant the contents into a highball glass. Top with plenty of ice & finish with a zesty lime wheel.


Carbonated Water, Lyre’s American Malt (40% - Water, Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Natural Flavoring, Phosphoric Acid, Cellulose Gum, Steviol Glycosides), Sugar, Natural Flavoring, Phosphoric Acid, Preservative: Sodium Benzoate, Caffeine.

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 250ml
Calories 70 calories
Fat : 0 g
Carbohydrates : 14 g
Sugar : 14 g
Protein : 0 g