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Melati Non-Alcoholic Botanical Aperitif

Melati Non-Alcoholic Botanical Aperitif

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Melati is a complex and delicious mood-setter. Refreshingly fruity, floral and spicy.
Goji and choke berries meet hibiscus for an inviting aroma. Cacao, damiana, and exotic spices enhance connection and mood. With a slight bitterness and touch of sweetness to keep us coming back for more.

It's a delicious and complex non-alcoholic drink to sip and savor at any occasion. Infused with restorative botanicals from the Far East, inspired by ancient recipes. Crafted for you to feel good about what you are drinking.

A refreshing, elegant and delicious slow-sipper, crafted for the modern lifestyle, perfect for intimate gatherings, celebrations and personal time.

Begin and end a meal with Melati to set the mood. Lift your spirits and settle your tummy. It’s a cheerleader for that wind-down moment of a day. Celebrating social connections and bringing people together while choosing better.



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