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Mocktails Karma Sucra Mockapolitan - Nitro Can

Mocktails Karma Sucra Mockapolitan - Nitro Can

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Immerse yourself in the art of mindful drinking with the Mocktails Karma Sucra Mockapolitan. This non-alcoholic, ready-to-drink cosmopolitan mocktail offers a sophisticated blend of flavors, designed for anyone looking to enjoy the essence of a cocktail without the alcohol. With a base of pure filtered water, non-GMO sugar, cranberry and lime juices, and a mix of natural flavors including juniper berry and bitter orange, this drink promises a unique taste experience that's both refreshing and indulgent.

Key Features:

  • Low Calorie: Enjoy a guilt-free experience with less than 80 calories per can, perfect for health-conscious individuals.
  • Non-Alcoholic: Ideal for sober curious, designated drivers, and anyone preferring a non-alcoholic beverage option.
  • Ready to Drink: Convenience meets sophistication; no preparation required, just chill, serve, and enjoy.
  • Premium Ingredients: Made with non-GMO sugar, cranberry and lime juices, and natural botanical flavors for a premium taste.
  • Diet-Friendly: Gluten-free, allergen-free, and vegan, catering to various dietary preferences and needs.
  • Versatile: Perfect on its own for an alcohol-free experience or mix with your preferred spirit for a customized drink.

Why Choose Mocktails Karma Sucra Mockapolitan?

The Mocktails Karma Sucra Mockapolitan stand out as a beacon of mindful drinking, offering a sophisticated, non-alcoholic alternative that doesn't compromise on taste or experience. Whether you're hosting a party, looking for a refreshing drink to unwind, or simply exploring alcohol-free options, this mocktail delivers on all fronts. Its complex flavor profile, characterized by a balance of sweet and sour notes, coupled with the convenience of a ready-to-drink format, makes it a must-have for any occasion. By choosing Mocktails Karma Sucra Mockapolitan, you're not just choosing a beverage; you're embracing a lifestyle where every sip is an act of self-care and indulgence without compromise.

We are proud to feature Mocktails Karma Sucra Mockapolitan in our curated selection, highlighting our commitment to offering sophisticated, non-alcoholic beverage options that cater to the modern consumer's desire for mindful consumption. Discover the joy of mindful drinking today and elevate your beverage game with this exceptional mocktail.



Purified Filtered Water, Non-GMO Sugar, Cranberry Juice from concentrate, Lime Juice from concentrate, Natural Flavors, Juniper Berry Flavoring, Bitter Orange Flavoring, Quillaia Extract, Citric Acid, Carthamus Flower

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: Serving size 1 can (200 ml / 6.8 oz)
Calories 74 calories
Fat : 0 g
Carbohydrates : 18 g
Sugar : 18 g
Protein : 0 g
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