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The 30 Day Alcohol-Free Pack

The 30 Day Alcohol-Free Pack

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Try our 30 Day Alcohol-Free Pack filled with non-alcoholic essentials for your dry month! This is a specially curated pack to help you enjoy mindful drinking with some of of our best tasting products. From refreshing ready-to-drink cocktails to full-bodied red wines, we've got something for everyone in this 30-day bundle. This pack includes 20% Off 8 of our best-selling mix of non-alcoholic drinks including:

  1. 4 pack- Kin Euphorics Bloom
  2. Strykk Not Rum
  3. Optimist Botanicals Smokey
  4. Ritual Whiskey Alternative
  5. Elivo Cardio Zero Non-Alcoholic White Wine
  6. Pierre Zéro Chardonnay Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Wine
  7. Lussory Organic Non-Alcoholic Merlot Wine
  8. Le Petit Chavin Non-Alcoholic Rosé Wine 


*Note: In the unlikely case of an out of stock we will substitute the impacted product with a similar one from the same category and with a similar value. 


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