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The Mindful Drinking Co

The Mindful Margarita Set

The Mindful Margarita Set

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This Mindful Margarita Set includes ISH Non-alcoholic Tequila, Mexican Agave Spirit + Hella Cocktail Classic Margarita Mixer.

Here we've taken all the work out of making a delicious margarita and used the premium cocktail mixer from Hella Cocktail Co. which makes it easy to mix and top it off with a pretty lime garnish!

Agave & oakwood come together for that familiar flavor of a classic reposado-style Tequila, without the alcohol. Works perfectly for no-and low-alcohol Margarita's and Paloma's. It serves up a high-quality margarita, with hints of honey, spicy oak, vanilla, and delicate pepper... without sacrificing flavor, without the calories, and especially without the hangover!

ISH Non-alcoholic Tequila, Mexican Agave Spirit is a non-alcoholic Tequila (<0,5%), made from natural ingredients, ultra-low calories: 12 kcal/100 ml, and vegan.

Hella Cocktail Classic Margarita Mixer contains 30% lime juice and 0% artificial ingredients.


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